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You know exercise improves stress and your overall well being.  And yes, this is a body based approach, but is NOT about the exercise.  This is a link with the nervous system that is very simple, yet profound.  Let me show you something you have always had, but most likely never knew about.  Something you can control, benefit from, and enjoy!

Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercise®: TRE® is a world renowned method of stress reduction that has been translated into more than a dozen languages and is utilized in over 100 countries.  Let's be honest, we all have stress, tension and trauma in our lives, in some way.  


When first learning TRE®: You will learn 7 basic exercises in order to initiate a natural stress reducing mechanism of the parasympathetic (calming) nervous system.  Essentially, a way to 'shake off' stress.  After having learned the process, you will be able to skip the exercises, and 'lay around and do nothing' because the technique is not making you do anything, you are simply allowing yourself to 'follow your body' for stress reduction.  

Why 'shake off' stress?  75-90% of all doctors office visits are for stress related ailments and complaints (according to the American Medical Association).  Stress is activation of the sympathetic nervous system (body) that results in the fight or flight response (emotional energy in limbic system).  Once you understand what stress is, deactivating emotional energy (from the limbic system) physically (via the parasympathetic nervous system) just makes sense.


Mindfulness and meditation have been getting a lot of attention for their benefits, but people often report 'trying' for great lengths of time with brief moments of a positive outcome.  Mindfulness, meditation, and self-hypnosis share a platform, and self-hypnosis merely offers simple steps to follow.  One of the most common reports I hear is 'I always try so hard not to think so hard, but with hypnosis, I just followed the steps and my mind slowed down.'

All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis: Hypnosis is a focused learning state.  It is said that children up until approximately age 7 are in this Alpha Brain wave state of accelerated learning, which also includes imaginative play.

Follow some very easy instructions:  Mindfulness and meditation are helpful - when you have 'success' in using them.  Hypnosis provides simple steps to quickly and effectively enter into a focused relaxation.

Hypnosis may be done independently and at home:  No one else can control you, and you cannot get 'stuck' in hypnosis.  'Highway hypnosis', and 'daydreaming' may be examples of how you shift into and out of various brainwave frequencies during your day.  

Why use Hypnosis:  By learning this skill you may continue to build on your success, and even reconnect to things like focus, relaxation, or other opportunities as needed. 

Why Reset Stress?

We are designed to experience stress, we are also designed to recover from it - welcome to being human. 

Let me show you how to Reset Stress and enjoy relaxation - body, emotions, and mind with a world renowned technique of TRE® and options for self-hypnosis (think guided meditation) - AT HOME.

By reducing stress we reduce experiences such as anxiety, fear, anger and sadness - just to name a few, and increase our overall wellness, focus, and relaxation.

I offer professionally supported, simple yet meaningful, methods of reducing stress and improving the quality of our lives, that may then be continued independently.  

I believe in a world our children are proud of, and a place where they can feel safe and loved.  I support this by helping to reduce the stress within each of us. 

What I Offer:

World renowned TRE® - Still for Community Groups and NOW VIRTUAL APPOINTMENTS FOR INDIVIDUALS:  Friendly, fun, and safe ways to support learning the skill of TRE® and develop your independent practice.

Hypnosis AT HOME - Download Series:  Alert and aware the entire time, ALL HYPNOSIS IS SELF-HYPNOSIS.  Let me show you how from the comfort of your own home.

TRE® for Mental Health Professionals:  Individuals will now be able to register (not just agencies) for an offered training.  Registration is available through this website.  As always, agencies may continue to host onsite overviews and training for their staff upon request.

Public Speaking Engagements:  From general meetings to agency retreats, or conference demonstrations and presentations, invite Reset Stress to be a part of your next event.

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