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What is Stress

Stress is two things happening together:

1.  Nervous System activation, that results in

2.  the Fight or Flight response


In other words, the body and emotions getting worked up together - but you already know this.  You know that if you become more stressed, your blood pressure goes up, you become tense and can get that pain in the neck, you also start to feel on edge, frustrated, anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed.

What is TRE® 

TRE® is proposed to be using

1.  psycho-emotional energy (emotions), and

2.  releasing it physically (via the nervous system)

If you notice, this is the opposite of the definition of stress - in other words, it is how to relax.  When we relax we lower our blood pressure, tight muscles that got wound into knots begin to 'let go', and you can eat, sleep, increase your concentration, enjoy time by yourself and connect with others.

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How to get the results you want

1.  By first understanding that TRE® is using a natural, neurogenic, mechanism that every single human being has. 


NeurogenicNeuro = nervous system.  Genic = coming from somewhere else.  Essentially, emotional energy coming out physically.  


But you already know this too.  If your foot is tapping, leg bouncing, or fingers drumming you know that it is coming from your 'nerves,' or that you are 'worked up'.  This isn't wrong, it is by design.

2. Recognizing that this shaking doesn't even bother you.  At first, you may think that the shaking is bad because if you get so worked up you're shaking you don't like being worked up and the shaking feels 'out of control'.  However, when you are not worked up in the moment and are shaking/tapping/bouncing, you most likely don't even notice that you are doing it - it is not bothering you.  In fact, it is probably the person next to you telling you to 'stop it'.

3.  By utilizing the TRE® process, you are able to 'shake it off' as an outlet - not an over flow.   Most importantly, with the TRE® process, you are in control of starting, stopping, speeding up, and slowing down.  

Getting started with TRE®

You know exercise improves stress and your overall well being.  And yes, this is a body based approach, but is NOT about the exercise.  This is a link with the nervous system that is very simple, yet profound.  Let me show you something you have always had, but most likely never knew about.  Something you can control, benefit from, and enjoy!

Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercise®: TRE® is a world renowned method of stress reduction that has been translated into more than a dozen languages and is utilized in over 100 countries.  Let's be honest, we all have stress, tension and trauma in our lives, in some way.  


When first learning TRE®: You will learn 7 basic exercises in order to initiate a natural stress reducing mechanism of the parasympathetic (calming) nervous system.  Essentially, a way to 'shake off' stress.  After having learned the process, you will be able to skip the exercises, and 'lay around and do nothing' because the technique is not making you do anything, you are simply allowing yourself to 'follow your body' for stress reduction.  

Why 'shake off' stress?  75-90% of all doctors office visits are for stress related ailments and complaints (according to the American Medical Association).  Stress is activation of the sympathetic nervous system (body) that results in the fight or flight response (emotional energy in limbic system).  Once you understand what stress is, deactivating that emotional energy (from the limbic system) physically (via the parasympathetic nervous system) just makes sense.

What I Offer

VIRTUAL APPOINTMENTS:  from the comfort of your own home!

COMMUNITY GROUPS:  friendly, fun, and with people you already know!

TRE® for Mental Health Professionals:  Individuals will now be able to register (not just agencies) for an offered training.  Registration is available through this website.  As always, agencies may continue to host onsite overviews and training for their staff upon request.

Public Speaking Engagements:  From general meetings to agency retreats, or conference demonstrations and presentations, invite Reset Stress to be a part of your next event.

I offer professionally supported, simple yet meaningful, methods of reducing stress and improving the quality of our lives, that may then be continued independently.  

I believe in a world our children are proud of, and a place where they can feel safe and loved.  I support this by helping to reduce the stress within each of us. 

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