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Reset Stress Services

Virtual Appointments & Live Presentations

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Virtual TRE® Appointments

A world renowned technique - AT HOME

We get better at what we practice, that's why I recommend you play with TRE® daily.  It should be easy, fun, and helping you feel better.  Nothing should be forced. 


Many people learn the steps and technique in just 1-4 appointments.

Others benefit from having support learning self-regulation and progressing the TRE® technique with anywhere from 6-12 weekly appointments.  


What is it you are willing to practice? 

Who is it you are willing to become?

Presentations, Demonstrations, and More

Conferences, Presentations, and
Public or Private Groups

Contact Kevin Berceli to discuss bringing TRE® to a conference, presentation, workplace, or group. 


I have partnered with businesses, agencies, school districts, universities, county and state government programs, and private events, and look forward to being a part of your event or group experience too.

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